I’m almostjosephine aka Tiffany. I live in southeastern Virginia but dream of moving to Montana some day. By day, I work in a library and I’m a bookstagrammer by night.

I’ve been on the Internet since ye olden days before Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In other words, I’m old AF. I’ve had so many personal blogs and domains over the years that I’ve lost count. I miss the ability to share my ~deep thoughts~ in long form, so despite my reservations about having a personal blog in 2019, here we are.

Why almostjosephine? As the story goes, my mom loved the name Josephine and planned on naming me that. But my grandma said she shouldn’t, because the other kids would tease me. So my mom caved and named me Tiffany instead. (Hello, 80s child.) almostjosephine is a tribute to my late grandma.

Fast facts:

  • I’ve been knitting for almost 20 years. I crochet on occasion too.
  • I’m obsessed with reading. My favorite genres are romance, mystery, and true crime.
  • Mental health has always been a challenge for me, especially anxiety and depression.
  • I used to want to be a writer (and maybe I secretly still do).
  • Fall and winter are my favorite seasons.


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