It’s been a while! I’m not sure if anyone still reads this and truth be told, even I forgot that I had this blog for a minute. How about a catch-up?

Shenandoah Trip

Back in October, Michael and I took a trip up to the Virginia side of the Shenandoah Valley area. We don’t take many trips together, so this was our first proper getaway in about 11 years of living together and 13 years of being a couple. It was so nice to get away from everyday life and just relax.

Sunny farm view.

We stayed in an Airbnb located on a lovely farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Basically, I wanted to feel like I was in one of the small-town romance novels that I love so much.

Sunset at the farm.

Other than its human owners, the farm was occupied by miniature horses, donkeys, cows (actually, I think that was the next-door farm, but who’s nitpicking?), and a few adorable farm cats that I simply fell in love with.

Stunning sunset at the farm.

The views from the farm were amazing. Sunset, sunrise, and a million stars in the night sky. It was the most at peace I’d felt in a while (stink bugs and spiders notwithstanding).

Sun through clouds aka God Rays.

The weekend that we were in town happened to be the same weekend as the town’s Oktoberfest/Fall Festival. So, imagine an autumn harvest Hallmark movie…but realistic, with more normal-looking people and fewer polished Canadian locales. (Why are Hallmark movies always filmed in Canada? I digress.) Michael had fun sampling local brews and voting for his favorites. I enjoyed pretending to frolic in the same neighborhood as the characters in my romance novels. I even met some alpacas.


After the festival, we spent an afternoon in Shenandoah National Park, driving along Skyline Drive. The leaves hadn’t quite hit their peak fall foliage yet, but the views were stunning just the same.

View from Skyline Drive.

The next time we visit, I definitely want to wait a little later in the season to see the leaves in their full autumn glory.

View from Skyline Drive.

Next post, I’ll update you on what else I’ve been up to since our trip. Stay tuned. 🙂

Misty farm view.

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